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bean to bar chocolate amsterdam vegan craft chocolate

The Chocolate Makery

In Amsterdam North, just across the water, lays the flavourful production space of Macao Movement. This is where cacao beans are transformed into all kinds of chocolatey things. It started with just Malou working all parts of the business, from picking up beans at the harbor to the full craft and running a business around it all. 

Nowadays our production space has two more lovely women crafting the beans, a cacao café up front and a beautiful collaboration called Wild Child Cacao as a second brand. 


The founding story

Back in 2013, when Malou was living in Costa Rica for a while, she got handed a cacao fruit on the side of the road. Not sure what to do with it, she opened it with her pocket knife and was mesmerized by the smell and looks of the fruit. The seeds however (that which we make chocolate of) tasted horrible. But after sucking of the fruity part, she still took them home to dry. 

This is where, a few days later, a friend passed by and started making chocolate with it. And to her even bigger surprise, it actually tasted very good. 

This sparked such a huge curiousity to learn more about cacao and to spread this wonderful story behind chocolate that she decided to start her very own business. Macao Movement was born. 

bean to bar chocolate amsterdam vegan craft chocolate

Got curious too? Get a taste of our craft and the endless possibilities of cacao beans.

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