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It is so much more
than just a bar of it.

It all starts with a seed. Like anything, right? The seeds inside the cacao fruit to be precise. These seeds are taken out of their fruits, fermented together with their sweet pulp and then sun dried. 

The fermenting and drying is crucial for the flavour development of the final chocolate. And therefore, in the case of our high quality beans, done by a farmers cooperation. 


We mostly craft with beans from the Dominican Republic (a tropical island in the Caribbean). There are a lot of organic certified farmers there who grow the trees, harvest the fruits, cut them open with a manchette and sell the wet beans to a farmers cooperation nearby.

They arrive in sacks of 70kg in the harbour of Amsterdam where we pick them up. Then, its on to the craft!

We create a roasting profile, based on the bean itself and the product we are looking to make. 

After roasting comes cracking, winnowing, stone grinding, conching, tempering, moulding and packing. 

Sounds like a lot? It is! 

We are one of the few in the Netherlands who actually craft all the way from the beans. It's a lot of work but also makes our chocolate very special and our craft a very exciting and personal one. 

Chocolate with its' own true

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