Cacao has a natural wildness

and a way of reaching people,

both young and old.



















It touches all our senses,

even the silence behind.


                   Through there 



           the natural wildness

           we have in ourselves. 

The smell makes us breathe deeply.

Malou, founder and chocolate maker of Macao Movement crafts chocolate with this intention; to ignite our natural wildness.

"It is a place where we explore our curiosity,

find peace in silence,

hear our intuition,

feel our feet on the earth,


what our heart tells us.

Basically; to enjoy life in its full capacity.


The right chocolate can spark that."

Her products are handcrafted straight from the cacao bean.

These beans are carefully selected and then roasted, ground, conched and often mixed with other natural wild worldly goods.  

Macao Movement has her own line of products and also produces and develops in collaboration. With ceremonialists, artists and other visionary people. 

Every sip

a new beginning

     of a story never told



To make a poem

That does not disturb

                                     The silence from which it came. 


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Macao Movement is registered in the Netherlands with KVK number:  65527240

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