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Crafted from the bean in Amsterdam.

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Plant-based chocolate with its' own true identity


bean to bar chocolate amsterdam vegan craft chocolate

Fine Flavour Cacao 

When making any kind of food, it all starts with the quality of the ingredients. In cacao, a high quality bean is called fine flavour. Typically, these beans have the opportunity to be crafted in very layered full-tasting chocolate. Expertise is needed for this, all the way from the tree to the bar. 

Bean to bar chocolate

Macao Movement all started out of curiousity. After years of studying and traveling, Malou was living in Costa Rica for a while. This is where she discovered she knew so very little about cacao and chocolate. It inspired her to dive deep and start a movement. Not too long after, she got herself elbow deep in the craft and  the business around it. Now it's all about making bean to bar, vegan, craft chocolate in Amsterdam. Full time. 

bean to bar chocolate amsterdam vegan craft chocolate

Small batches. 

Big flavours.

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