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©2016 by Macao Movement

Macao Movement is geregistreerd in Nederland.

KvK:  65527240

Macao Movement. Maak er zelf chocola van.

macao movement

more than a bar of chocolate

We started this movement from a very natural curiosity. The curiosity that has been moving Macao ever since. Macao Movement is more than a bar of chocolate. It is a form of expression and a desire to share our journey with others. A cacao journey, that is.

Amazed by the diversity of cacao with its stories of origin, of taste, of social justice, of history and of the future. Stories that we gladly and humbly take part in. And stories in which we want to connect with you. Seeing your faces change and words expressed by experiencing our interpretations of cacao, whether it be our newest bar, our fanciest drinking chocolate, our crispy beans or our long talks, makes us smile. 

How did it start?

Macao Movement started years ago on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Or maybe even years before that, while growing a desire for beauty and an eye for curiosity. Let's stick with the Costa Rica story for now. Naively asking around for a cacao fruit while living there, Malou figured out that she knew nothing of chocolate and even less so of cacao. Little did she know that she would step in to a magnificent world of knowledge, culture and passion. Wanting to move through it in her own (slightly stubborn) way, she started Macao Movement. Starting up a production kitchen in Amsterdam and connecting with a lot of people in the field of sustainable cacao, Macao Movement now has a range of products telling amazing stories in flavour, looks and lots of joy.

Malou Dronkers, founder.

Photographer:: Julie Hrudová

Millenials in Chocolate Around the World

“I picked up a cacao fruit on the side of the road, let the beans dry in my backyard, and a friend came by and spontaneously made chocolate out of it.”


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